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             Pikesville High School APPA Club

On December 3, 2013, Pikesville High School, located in Baltimore, Maryland, finally had a first meeting as a formal club in the school. After six months with many meetings with the school’s vice principle, Ms. Burke, APPA could be approved. Founder and leader of the APPA club, Ye Jin Bae, a current sophomore, runs the club with 11 members. The club in the school is very active and has regular meetings every Friday. 

On March 22, a majority of the APPA club members took a trip to Washington D.C. and learned about the history of APPA. They were introduced ways to treat the homeless and interact with them. With their donations, they were able to afford the supplies to help the homeless. The APPA club members were given the chance to go to the park, where many homeless stay, and talk to them for two hours. They were taken aback at the complete difference between the reality and stereotypes of the homeless, and they reflected on the mistakes they had made when making assumptions.  

Ye Jin Bae plans to receive many donations of kitchen supplies, school supplies, clothes, magazines, and reading glasses because these are not influenced by the seasons. Her plans are borrowing restaurants to fund raise for the supplies and attempt to sell Amish vegetables or organic items to raise money to help the homeless. However, Ye Jin wants to start off stagnant and will start selling smaller items such as chocolates or caricatures to people in her school for roughly five dollars apiece. If one would like to purchase or have any questions, please contact her through her email, 

She concludes with her strong desire to spread the word about the current issues on the homeless. She strongly urges for more people to understand the situation and help out if possible.