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Bae Young Lee, chair of the ROK Presidential Council on Nation Branding and Kathleen Stephens, former US Ambassador to South Korea celebrate its 130 anniversary at the opening ceremony.

A famous Korean actress Tae Young Son participated in the closing celebration as a Korean traditional dress(hanbok) fashion show model. This fashion show is an acknowledgement of the significant role of Korean royal families and their fashions to everyday life.

In the closing ceremony of 130th Anniversary of Excellence in Diplomatic Relations between the U.S. and South Korea, APPA's US-Korean Children Choir sings "A-ri-rang" with Cheongsachorong that is a Korean traditional lantern divided into red and blue color. Cheongsachorong means to lead the way to brighter future, hope, and respect.

    130th / 131st Anniversary of Excellence in Diplomatic Relations         between the U.S. and South Korea

    APPA's Legacy of Public Diplomacy

   Definition of Public Diplomacy

"By public diplomacy we understand the means by which governments, private groups and individuals influence the attitudes and opinions of other peoples and governments in such a way as to exercise influence on their foreign policy decisions."
-Edmund A. Gullion (former diplomat), Dean of the Fletcher School, March 1966

"Public diplomacy may be defined, simply, as the conduct of international relations by governments through public communications media and through dealings with a wide range of nongovernmental entities (political parties, corporations, trade associations, labor unions, educational institutions, religious organizations, ethnic groups, and so on including influential individuals) for the purpose of influencing the politics and actions of other governments."
-Alan K. Henrikson, Professor of Diplomatic History, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, April 2005

"Public diplomacy that traditionally represents actions of governments to influence overseas publics within the foreign policy process has expanded today - by accident and design - beyond the realm of governments to include the media, multinational corporations, NGO's and faith-based organizations as active participants in the field."
-Crocker Snow Jr., Acting Director Edward R. Murrow Center, May 2005