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   APPA UN Representatives Attend 2014 UN Youth Conference at the UN HQ

About 35 young Korean-American students participated in the UN Youth Conference that was hosted by the UNESCO and other international organizations at the UN Headquarters.

Several of the students participated in the Youth Assembly at the NYC UN Headquarters. This Assembly embodied one major theme, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today. This theme mainly applies to the unification of the youth through the arts, sports, culture, and travel.  

Several of the remaining students participated in the UN NGO seminar, which was sponsored by the MCC. The Executive Director of the MCC UN Office, Doug Hostetter, gave a lecture which focused on international peace-building between the United States and North Korea. Belle Yeh, who works at the UN Department of Political Affairs, shared the the UN’s role and even told personal stories about her own experiences at the United Nations. 

The students also visited several UN mission offices, such as USA UN Mission, ROK UN Mission, Canada UN Mission, and so on. 

When the students visited the ROK UN Mission Office, they were able to learn about the role of Korea when it came to issues such as North Korea nuclear weapon issues and human right issues. 

Afterwards, the students were able to visit the MCC Material Resource Center in Akron, PA. The Material Resource center takes volunteers from the community to help and sew blankets, pack canned food, make school kits, make health kits, and prepare other necessities that are necessary in countries in need. The MCC also helped the South Koreans between 1951-1970 when the Korean Civil War occurred. The students were also given the opportunity to volunteer at the MCC through activities such as sewing or fixing computers or packing school kits. After some work, roughly 100 volunteers, who were primarily Amish people and Mennonite, were given presentations of the activities conducted by APPA by students who participated in the UN Leadership conference. 

Katie Park, who attends Marriotts Ridge High school in Marriottsville, Maryland, said, “From my experience at the UN Leadership Conference, I was able to learn the sheer extent of the responsibilities that the United Nations hold. I also learned that the UN has been working extensively with many outside organizations to accomplish the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.” 

APPA annually, during the summer or winter, plans the UN Conference and gives many opportunities to numerous students. These students are given chances to visit the UN NGOs and learn more about the role of the United Nations in international affairs.