UN ECOSOC Consultative Status NGO

through Prayer and Aid

Action for Peace


   2,000 Soap

   2,000 Safety razors

   1,000 Shaving cream

   2,000 Shampoo

   1,000 Stick deodorant

   2,000 Toothpaste

   3,000 Toothbrushes

   2,000 Toilet tissue

   1,000 Combs/brushes

   1,000 Diapers

   1,000 Teething medicine diaper cream

   1,000 Pain relievers

   1,000 Stomach medicine

   2,000 Vitamins

   1,000 Feminine hygiene products

   In the United States alone, an estimated 1.75 million people experience homelessness each year. Please help APPA replenish it's supply to continue responding to needs around the world.

  Toiletry Kits and Toiletry Bags Donation: 

$50 will help 10 people

$100 will help 20 people

$200 will help 40 people

$500 will help 100 people.

   I want to help the homeless:

1 bag(person) X $5, how many bags(people)?___________


   <Check Donation: Payable to APPA>

  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 90821, Washington, DC 20090

   <International Wire Transfer Donation> 
   Bank Name: Capital One Bank
   Account No.: 2174302705
   Routing No.: 255071981
   Bank Address: 1075 5th St NW, Washington, DC, USA 

   Bank Phone: 1-(202) 289-2215 
   Org. Name: Action for Peace through Prayer & Aid
   Account Holder Name: Sang Jin Choi
   Holder Phone Number: 1-571-259-4937
   Holder Address: 
   319 R St. NW, Washington, DC 20001


   2,000 relief kits
   8,000 hygiene kits
   2,000 blankets

   Multiple situations of crisis around the world such as Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine have depleted MCC's warehouse inventory. Please help MCC replenish it's supply to continue responding to needs around the world.

   Looking for a hands-on project that makes a difference?

   The supplies that MCC sends around the world offer comfort to families facing disaster or crisis. They’re also a tangible way you can share God’s love and compassion, reminding people that their needs are not forgotten.

   MCC plans shipments carefully in order to meet local needs and to send high-quality items that can withstand the harsh conditions faced by people receiving the supplies.

   See what you can do to be part of making MCC kits or comforters. 

The Material Resources Center (MRC) in Ephrata, Pa., serves as a collection point in the U.S. for receiving, packing and shipping material resources donated by people responding to aid requests from MCC partners.

The MRC relies on thousands of volunteers to do the hands-on work of the center. Churches, families, school groups and retirees donate their time to pack resources, quilt and work on recycling projects.

Volunteer hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Work is available for adults and children age 11 and older. Please call to schedule a time to volunteer.

Educational opportunities such as tours, videos, learning activities and stories of MCC’s work around the world are provided for all ages, including younger children.

Volunteer activities at MRC include:

Checking and packing kits, including school kits, relief kits and hygiene kits
Checking cans of meat
Knotting comforters
Baling comforters and blankets
Recycling books
Baling cardboard, paper and clothing
Cutting T-shirts into rags
Cutting jeans for rugs and patches
Weaving rugs
Sewing recycled items
Loading containers for shipment


EastCoastMRC@mcc.orgEphrata MRC
517 West Trout Run Road
Ephrata, 17522
United States

  Transforming the World: Partnership with MCC Material Resource Center