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UN Conference - Youth Representatives

*Responsibilities of Youth Representatives

    1) Interns are expected to attend all seminars and general assembly of the respective UN Conference.
    2) Interns are expected to write reports based on their experience and further research if needed.
    3) The reports are to be posted on social media, including Facebook and APPA official blog.

*Conference or UN Event 

    1) UN Conferences and events will be held at the UN Headquarters in New York City for a duration of 3-5 days

    2) Participants' accommodations will be at a hotel in the New York area.

    3) For public UN conferences, participants must be at least 16 years of age. If the intern is under 16, they will                  participate in a different UN event and UN tour.

*Early Application process: 
    1) Deadline: 09.29.2017
    2) Phone Interview will be scheduled after initial review of application
    3) Results: 10.01.2017

    4) How to apply: send resume with cover letter to

    1) Interns will attend the UN Conference based on the conference schedule and availability. 

    2) Interns who are staying at the APPA house will be provided with transportation fee.



    1) Room and board, transportation, and conference fees altogether will cost $890, not including transportation from the          intern's home


Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid (APPA) has committed itself to end poverty, foster racial harmony and educate future leaders. It was founded in Washington D.C. in 1997 for the purpose of eradicating poverty. In 2013, it has gained the UN ECOSOC Consultative status and become a global Non-profit Organization. Since then, it continued to cooperate with the UN through training its interns to research on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). APPA internship program allows interns to thrive in their own fields and create their own portfolios by the end of the internship. 

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