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2019 Summer Youth Internship in USA

UN International Human Solidarity Day &  

UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day Camp

​한국 청소년을 위한 UN NGO 인턴모집

미국교포나 한국대학생으로 선발될 인턴들과 함께 다양한 국제개발연구, 유엔회의참석, 싱크탱크세미나 참석을 하게 됩니다. 청소년 인턴 개개인당 인턴십 수퍼바이저와 대학생교사가 1명씩 배당됩니다. 참가하실 수 있는 인턴십은 다음과 같습니다.

    1) 4주-한달 일반 인턴 0명 모집: 참가비 $3000 (모든 숙식, 유엔회의, 워싱턴 디씨 및 뉴욕관광 포함. 항공료는 제외) 한글 자기소개서 1페이지 및 신청서 제출. 한국어 면접.

    2) 4주-한달 장학생 인턴 0명 모집: 참가비 $1700 (모든 숙식, 유엔회의, 워싱턴 디씨 및 뉴욕관광 포함. 항공료는 제외) 영문 자기소개서 및 신청서 제출, 영어 면접.

*8주-두달간 인턴십을 할 경우 가격은 두배로 책정됩니다. 

Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid (APPA) has committed itself to end poverty, foster racial harmony and educate future leaders. It was founded in Washington D.C. in 1997 for the purpose of eradicating poverty. In 2013, it has gained the UN ECOSOC Consultative status and become a global Non-profit Organization. Since then, it continued to cooperate with the UN through training its interns to research on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). APPA internship program allows interns to thrive in their own fields and create their own portfolios by the end of the internship. 


*Tasks for all interns

   1) Attend Think Tank conference and report 

       - Attend seminars in Washington D.C. (Ex: Brookings Institution, CATO, etc.) and international organizations (Ex: UN, World 

         Bank, IMF, etc.) 

       - Report and upload in blog

         - Network with experts and professionals in related fields

    2) News briefing

       - Read an article in related field every morning and report


*Work Schedule for winter vacation (4 weeks - month)

    1) Time: 9 AM - 5 PM (5 days a week) *Can be adjusted based on position 

    2) Place: 3670 Joy Lane, Waldorf MD 20603


*Application process: Download Application Form

    1) Deadline: 5.15.2019

    2) Phone Interview will be scheduled after initial review of application

    3) Results: 5.17.2019

    4) How to apply: self-introduction letter (1-2 pages) and

        2019 Summer Intern Application Form to



    1) Interns are able to attend UN Conference, World Bank and/or International seminars

    2) Interns will receive certificates after internship

    3) Recommendation letter for future internship or graduate school

    4) Transportation fee for attending conferences 


*Cost and other benefits

    1) This is a non-paid internship for those who are residential students in the US. APPA will not support you with flight fare, room

        and  board, or transportation fee.

    2) Room and board will cost $3000 per month at the APPA Internship House and New York.

    3) APPA will support the transportation fee only for airport pick-up and drop-off, public conferences, and seminar participation.

    4) APPA will write an invitation letter for US Immigration Officer Interview at the airport.

    5) APPA will write a non-paid internship letter for an internship scholarship to your school, if you want to apply.

    6) APPA will issue a community service certificate.

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