August 21, 2019

I participated in a global related program sponsored by Action for Peace Through Prayer and Aid(APPA, Economic and Social Council Consultative Status Member NGO) on July 11 and visited the UN. I am Sean Chae going to eighth grade and I am currently attending Jericho Middle School.

On July 11, 2019, me and several other youths in middle and high school visited the United Nations Office in New York. One thing I noticed was that they had the flags of each member country outside the building, the organization placed the flags in alphabetical order to avoid any complaints of discrimination. During this visit we were taken on a guided tour where our tour guide showed and explained the origins and history of the UN. We were even allowed to enter the General Assembly Hall which was very large.

The UN is an international organization with the intention to help those in need and protect the member states. Of the 195 countries on Earth, 193 countries are part of the UN. The two countries not in the...

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