August 14, 2017

5 of the APPA UN interns visited the US Coast Guard on 28 July 2017. They got the chance to meet Dr. John Oliver and take a tour inside of the coast guard.

On July 28, 2017, APPA Interns visited the United States Coast Guard to meet Dr. John Oliver. Dr. John is a senior ocean policy adviser and a lawyer at the US Coast Guard and has a close relationship with APPA through legal service at the Third Street Church on every second week of Saturday. With Dr. John’s kind guide, we were able to tour inside of the Coast Guard. The security check for Coast Guard was strict, but with the help of Dr. John, we were able to see his office, medical center, physical center, old coal plant, as well as office for International affairs department where his son works.

According to Dr. John, the Coast Guard “protects sea from people while it protects people from the sea.” He said that Coast Guard monitors drug smuggling, legal immigrants, piracy, environments and border disputes on the sea. He describe...

August 14, 2017

10 interns of APPA UN went to have a meeting with the World Bank on July 30, 2017. They met with Professor Koo, and had a question and answer period. The following report was written by one of the interns that attended this event, Haeun Kwon. 

세계은행 방문-구본석 선생님

2017년 7월 30일, 구본석 선생님과의 미팅을 위해 세계은행에 방문하였습니다. 삼엄한 검사를 통해 들어간 세계은행은 넓고 깨끗했습니다. 한 세미나실에서 구본석 선생님의 말씀을 들을 수 있었는데, 선생님은 환경 운동 연합이라는 단체를 통해 댐 건설의 반대를 하시면서 환경에 대해 관심을 가지셨다고 합니다. 환경에 관한 일을 하고 싶다고 결심 하신 후 경희 대학교 대학원, 조시 타운 대학원을 거처 현재 세계은행 재생 가능한 에너지 분야에서 일하신다고 합니다. 

구본석 선생님의 말씀에 따르면, 세계은행은 전세계 사람들의 빈곤퇴치를 목적으로 설립되었으며, 이제는 굶어 죽는 것을 방지 하는 데서 끝나는 것이 아니라 세상 사람들이 잘 살 수 있게 경제, 위생 시설, 주거문제 등 다각적인 방면으로 도움을 주기 위해 노력한다고 하셨습니다. 또한, 세계은행은 사람들의 생활수준을 측정하고 그들의 목표가 얼마나 진행되었는가 확인하기 위한 평가 기준을 정하는 데에 중점을 둔다고 하셨습니다. 또한, 세계은행은 기본적으로 지역별로, 또 나라별로, 분야별로 나뉘고 각 나라의 대표들이 의뢰하였을 때 프로젝트 계획에 들어가고 예산 편성이 이루어 진다고 합니다. 

한시간 가량의 대화를 통해 구본석 선생님은 세계은행에는 금융권 혹은 통계 분야의 전문가 들이 많다며 금융권과 통계를 강조 하셨습니다. 특히 금융은 세계은행의 예산을 어느 분야에 우선 순위를 두고 투자하는지, 투자한다면 따르는 위험 정도는 얼마인지 판단하는데 꼭 필요하다고...

August 14, 2017

The Heritage Foundation hosted a seminar regarding North Korea on 26 July 2017 at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C.. An APPA UN intern, Haeun Kwon, attended this seminar, and wrote the following report about her experience.

<Visit to the Heritage Foundation for a seminar on North Korean issues>

August 4, 2017

On July 26, 2017, I visited the Heritage Foundation and attended a seminar called “What a North Korean ballistic missile threat means for the U.S. Missile Defense System.” The seminar started with senator Dan Sullivan’s opening remarks, followed by a discussion between three panelists. 

Senator Dan Sullivan said that North Korea is developing their nuclear missile at an unprecedented pace through continued testing failures. He argued that the United States need to bolster its missile defense system, especially the Space-Based Surveillance and Tracking System (SSTS) in order to protect the U.S. territory and its allies in the case of North Korea’s attack. He supporte...

August 14, 2017

A seminar was held by the CATO Institute regarding education and democracy. It took place at the Hayek Auditorium, CATO Institute on 26 July 2017 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. APPA UN Intern, Haeun Kwon, attended this seminar; the following is written by her.

<Visit for CATO Institute for a seminar on Education and Democracy>

July 26, 2017

On July 26, 2017, as an APPA Intern, I participated in a seminar called “School Choice and Democracy: Friends or Foes” at CATO Institute. The seminar was about the private voucher, which is a certificate of government funding on private schooling to ensure school choice for those with low-income, and its impacts on democracy. Richard Kahlenberg, senior fellow in the Century Foundation believed that school choice and democracy are foes. He said that new study in Louisiana showed students going backwards with private voucher program because of religious discrimination engaged in private schools. He believed that public school education with its implicit curriculu...

August 14, 2017

The Seventh Annual CSIS South China Sea Conference was held on July 18, 2017. This conference provided opportunities for in-depth discussions regarding the South China Sea disputes, policy shifts in Beijing, Manila, and Washington. APPA UN Intern, Haeun Kwon attended this conference and the following is a report written by her.

<Report on the Seventh Annual CSIS South China Sea Conference>

August 4, 2017

I visited a seminar called “The Seventh Annual CSIS South China Sea Conference” on July 18, 2017 at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The seminar began with an opening remark by senator Cory Gardner, who currently serves as the chair of Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs. His message heavily relied on the North Korean missile threat and the way the United States perceives the threat. He said, “Nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula is the urgent priority and time is not on our side.” His argument showed his impatience toward North Korea and urged...

August 14, 2017

On July 13, 2017, an APPA UN Intern, Haeun Kwon, attended the seminar, "Cross-Strait Relations Re-examined: Toward a New Normal?" The seminar took place at the CSIS Headquarters from 8:45 am to 3:30 pm. The following report is by Haeun Kwon. 

<Report on a Seminar called Cross-Strait Relations Re-examined: Toward a New Normal?>

On July 13, 2017, I attended a seminar about Cross-Strait relations at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) headquarter in Washington D.C.. With the opening introduction by Michael J. Green, who is the senior vice president for Asia in CSIS, Cross-Strait relationship issues were discussed in depth through the panelists' presentations, followed by questions and comments from the floor. The panelists spoke about a triangular relationship between Taiwan, China and the US. They also talked about the rise of China based regarding its political and economic transitions. Although there was disagreement concerning the level of China’s development, the im...

July 10, 2017

On July 5-7th 2017, I participated on the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing Eighth Working Session as an APPA intern in NY city. The two main focus area were "Equality and Non-discrimination" and "Violence, Neglect and Abuse" of older persons. After a brief presentation of each panelist, the chair of the session led the interactive discussions by accepting comments from the floor. The representative of each country and International organization raised questions responding to the presentations of the panelists.

The number of old persons keep increasing while they are discriminated and abused physically, psychologically, financially and sexually, etc. In addition, they are neglected and there is no sufficient data or research protecting their rights. Panelists argued that further efforts to establish explicit and internationally accepted measure would be required. The legislation should consider old persons as individuals rather than collective group. EU and Argentina pointed out that d...

July 10, 2017

뉴욕 유엔 본부의 가이드 투어를 마치고 유엔 앞에 있는 Church Center for the United Nations 빌딩을 방문하게 되었습니다. 그곳에서 APPA의 최상진 목사님과 함께 협력하여 사역 하시고 있는 디렉터 Doug Hostetter씨를 만나 뵐 수 있었습니다. Doug씨는 1960년 베트남 전쟁에 양심적 병역 거부자로서 봉사하심으로서 고엽제인 에이전트 오렌지의 파괴성을 눈으로 직접 목격하시고 분쟁으로 고통받는 사람들을 위한 일을 시작하게 되셨다고 합니다.

디렉터 Doug씨는 Mennonite Central Commitee (MCC)의 미국 지부 책임자로서 북한, 이라크, 시리아, 이스라엘-팔레스타인 등의 분쟁 해결을 위해 노력하십니다. 전쟁 전후에 있는 나라의 학생들의 교육을 위해서도 노력하고 계셨습니다. 특히 신앙을 통한 화합을 강조 하셨습니다. 저희가 북한에 대한 사역에 대해 질문 하였을때, 한국분단 이후 휴전상태에 있는 남북한을 잇는 다리의 역할을 하고 싶다고 말씀 하셨습니다. 북한에 직접 방문하셨을때 남포 보육원에서 찍은 사진을 선물로 주시고, MCC에서 발행한 "미국-북한의 화합을 위한 사역"이라는 잡지도 보여 주셨습니다.

Doug씨는 MCC에서 일하는 동안의 스토리를 많이 나누셨는데, 그중 가장 인상깊었던 스토리는 북한의 외교관님과의 일화 였습니다.

Doug씨에 의하면 북한 외교관에게는 많은 제약이 있어서 임기중에도 유엔에서 지정해준 25마일의 구역안에서만 움직일 수 있고 여행을 하려면 미국 정부에게 허락을 받아야 한다고 합니다. 어느날 Doug씨는 북한 외교관님을 집에 초청하여 만찬을 함께 하시고 좋은 관계를 유지 하셨습니다. 그러나 북한 외교관님의 임기가 끝난 후 전화, 소셜 미디어 등 연락 수단이 모두 차단 되었고 Doug씨는 그렇게 연락이 끊겼다고 생각하셨다고 합니다. 그런데 몇년 후 북한 외교관님이 만찬을 함께 했던 사진을 가지고 다시 연락을 하셨다고 합니다. 북한 외교관님이 Doug씨에게 말하시길, 자신의 자녀도 믿지 않지만...

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