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Visit to US Coast Guard with Dr. John Oliver

5 of the APPA UN interns visited the US Coast Guard on 28 July 2017. They got the chance to meet Dr. John Oliver and take a tour inside of the coast guard.

On July 28, 2017, APPA Interns visited the United States Coast Guard to meet Dr. John Oliver. Dr. John is a senior ocean policy adviser and a lawyer at the US Coast Guard and has a close relationship with APPA through legal service at the Third Street Church on every second week of Saturday. With Dr. John’s kind guide, we were able to tour inside of the Coast Guard. The security check for Coast Guard was strict, but with the help of Dr. John, we were able to see his office, medical center, physical center, old coal plant, as well as office for International affairs department where his son works.

According to Dr. John, the Coast Guard “protects sea from people while it protects people from the sea.” He said that Coast Guard monitors drug smuggling, legal immigrants, piracy, environments and border disputes on the sea. He described the difference between navy and the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard separated from Navy and unlike Navy, it has law enforcement. He also showed us warship of the Coast Guard and said that most workers in the Coast Guard are former militant including pilots and soldiers of the army. He also shared his personal story about his victory of a volleyball tournament to his survival on a ship from an extreme storm. One strange thing about the Coast Guard was that the building was built underground and we had to take an elevator in order to go downstairs. all the interns had a great time at the Coast Guard with the help of Dr. Oliver and really appreciated his kindness.


Haeun Kwon (Yonsei University)

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