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  • APPA Intern / Catherine Choo

Artist Sang Jin Choi and “The Unfinished Journey for Human Rights” - The painting titled Human Traf

The painting titled Human Trafficking 1 illustrates the millions of human trafficking victims around the world. The wavy lines around the yellow center depict the victims who are chained up and sold into human trafficking. These lines of people were purposefully made with no hands to describe how powerless and hopeless the human trafficking victims feel. Artist Sang Jin Choi drew each of these people with his thumb to show his dedication to the end of human trafficking. He also drew them in many different colors to show that human trafficking victims can be from any background and race. In the background of this piece the blocks of different colors represent the many different races, languages, and cultures that exist in the world. This illustrates that many people around the world are concerned about this issue and that human trafficking is a worldwide issue. In the center of this painting is a yellow circle. Upon further inspection, you will see that it is a drawing of a globe. The map is focused on Africa as this country has the most cases of human trafficking. The globe was drawn in yellow to emphasize the need for a resolution and because the color yellow represents happiness, hope, and peace. This piece is part of a huge theme that Sang Choi is currently working on, which is “The Unfinished Journey for Human Rights”.

The art piece titled Human Trafficking 2 illustrates a female victim of human trafficking. In the center, the woman is looking down towards the ground with her hair covering her face. Without needing to see her face, you can tell that she feels hopeless and hurt because she was drawn in black and white. The artist, Sang Jin Choi, also drew her with no arms, to symbolize that she cannot do anything to escape or fight back as she, or her family, may get hurt. Human trafficking victims are sold and are forced to work against their will. They feel hopeless and powerless as they have no control over what they can do with their lives. Sang Jin Choi drew a brick wall in the background in pencil surrounding the woman. It does not have any windows, and it also does not have any way other ways to escape. This depicts how the victims are locked up in dark rooms, and hidden away from the eyes of society. As a consequence of this sensory deprivation, the victims of human trafficking feel helpless and lose hope that they will one day be free. To advocate for the end of human trafficking, Sang Jin Choi went to different churches, parks, and community events to raise awareness through his art. He encouraged individuals to show their support for this campaign by putting their fingerprints on the painting. The different colored fingerprints represent the many different races in the world and to show that this endeavor is on a worldwide scale.

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