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Greetings from APPA Executive Director,

APPA is a non-profit organization that stands for Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid. The APPA headquarters is in Washington D.C., USA, but also has several chapters across America and overseas as well. APPA's primary goals are: to end homelessness, foster racial harmony, and promote international peace and justice.

APPA is in affiliation with Global Common Society International (GCS), Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), and World Energy Forum (WEF). GCS and WEF are non-governmental organizations (NGO) in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (ECOSOC).

APPA sends representatives annually to the UN DPI/NGO conference. APPA has several activities in accordance to the UN calendar such as: UN International Mother Earth Day, Nelson Mandela International Day, International Day of the World's Indigenous People, UN International Youth Day, World Humanitarian Day, International Day of Peace, and more.

APPA also sends volunteers and aid to places that suffer from disasters and catostrophes such as tsunamis or earthquakes, areas afflicted by war, and other various conflicts.

Sang Jin Choi
Founder & Executive Director, APPA
APPA / GCS International UN Representative
Director of UN NGO Leadership Training for Youth, World Energy Forum

Contact me at
571-259-4937 or

Missions and Visions of APPA

APPA's Mission Statement

To deliver love by helping those in needs without discrimination and to build a peaceful community by overcoming conflicts of the world

To accomplish the above mission,
APPA strives to make meaningful contributions in supporting the United Nations's humanitarian effort for 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) which include:

    1) End poverty and hunger

    2) Universal education

    3) Gender equality

    4) Child health

    5) Maternal health

    6) Combat HIV/AIDS

    7) Environmental sustainability

    8) Global partnership

At a more specific level, APPA prioritizes in educating young people by engaging them in various grassroot activities that advocate global peace and justice.  To helpe those who are in immediate needs, APPA also provides physical, mental, social, and spiritual supports to local neighbors who are deprived of these crucial human needs.  Lastly, APPA believes it to be very important to promote racial harmony between different ethnic and other sub-groups by encouraging open communications between members of communities.

APPA Main Visions & Activities:

1. Annual DPI/NGO UN Conference
2. UN NGO-Related Seminars and Workshops
3. Training Aimed at Racial Harmony and Conflict Resolutions
4. Sending Aid and Volunteers to Areas in Need
5. Advocating for Ending Poverty and Homelessness
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