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‘Much work to do and no time to waste’ in cybercrime fight, says UN chief

Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC), Yury Fedotove mentioned the importance of countering cybercrime, an uprising threat to our current society. He proudly announced many efforts that are currently being made such as training police force, prosecutors, and judges about the swiftly changing crime methods, and educating community to help vulnerable, especially children, be aware of cyber scams and crimes.

Technological development in the field of big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and automation is a significant progress in the modern society to the extant where such progress is referred to as the “fourth industrial revolution.” However, such technology is a double-edged sword; although it helps to prevent current cybercrimes, it also provides more advanced and complex forms of cyber-attacks for assailants. Yury explains how dramatically the cybercrime market is expanding, mentioning that it is “estimated to generate $1.5 trillion in revenue per year.” There is no doubt that society has to take actions to protect vulnerable people and make sure technological advance is applied in a sound way.

APPA UN NGO Intern & Young Research Fellow

University of Illinois-Urban Champaign

Jeongbin Kim

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